It is starting to get hot out which we know what that means. Summer is coming! We all know that the summer is the time for vacations, family time, the beach, and barbecues. With all of those events and vacations it can be hard to get into the salon. Here are some beautiful lives in techniques that will allow you to go all summer looking fabulous

Sombre: Sombres are a softer version of an ombre. This technique is perfect for the person that wants a subtle sun kissed look.

Ombre: Generally darker at the root and as it goes through the mid-shaft and ends it gets lighter. This technique is perfect for someone who is looking for a drastic change.

Balayage: The perfect in-between from a sombre and an ombre. balayage allows you to give you the lightness around your face of the beautiful sun kissed ombre but it can also give you the drastic look of an ombre if wanted.

Colormelt: a combination of all three techniques.


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